Mudik as the Culture of Society in Indonesia

Mudik firstly just a habitual activity. But when mostly of the society do it, the habitual become a culture. Mudik has become a generally culture in Indonesia. The society usually does it in every special occasion just like Idul Fitri, Christmas, and New Year.

Although there are many people do it every year, there are still many contrary opinions about it. Basically, it isn’t a pure culture of Indonesia. So, some people disagree if there is a culture like that in Indonesia. People started it discuss it because mudik has many damages not only in the society but also in certain cities so some people think harder to decide whether they will go mudik or not.

The disadvantages of mudik mostly have its impact on traffic. Mudik usually make traffic problem when it is done. It could make the traffic jam really worst because of the increasing number of the vehicle. The traffic jam could make the drivers and riders got tired easily. This situation become dangerous and could make traffic accidents. Beside the problem in traffic, mudik also causes increasing of consumptive culture. The people seem have faith of the quote that have new shirt is a must and people also wanted to give handy present for their family in their hometown. Because of that many department stores make big sale of its items. So, people started to shop in believed of one chance in a year.

But mudik is really important to who were far away from their family. To people that living, worked or study abroad, mudik has become a must to do. In special occasion, people usually wanted to meet their family and stay together. Because of that they do mudik. By mudik, people could keep in touch with their family and could heal the homesick before they go back to their work or study place.

With or without these opinions about mudik, people that need to do mudik were still done it no matter what. What we have to do is reduce the impact of the mudik especially for the traffic. The government has had big concerned about these problems by send police officers in many places that have traffic jam. We also have to support this action by follow the traffic light, police instruction to turn on the vehicle light and wear safety accessories like standard helmet and safety belt. The riders and drivers have to have enough rest before they started to ride. Nowadays, many rest places have offered to the drivers and the riders. The best time to take a rest is after 4 hours driving, and take a rest for about one hour.


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