Strange Sound at The Warehouse

Ferry is sitting in the living room try to fill the blank crossword in the newspaper. The weather is so hot, so he opened the door to entering some cool wind in the house. Suddenly, there is someone come and surprising him.

Erin: “Excuse me! Sorry to interrupt you, but is Sally at home?”

Ferry: “Sally!”

Sally: “Alright, I’m coming! Oh, you’re here,Erin. Shall we go now?”

Ferry: “Hey, hey. Where are you two going?”

Sally: “We are going to shopping.”

Ferry: “Let me tell you that it is not good for you.”

Erin: “We just want to buy a birthday present for Emma. We are invited in her birthday party tomorrow evening.”

Sally: “Yes. I have been told mom about this.”

Ferry: “Well, whatever.”

Sally: “Ok! Let’s go,Erin. Bye, brother!”

Erin: “Yeah, let’s go!”


Ferry wants continue his work. But before he sits, there is another interruption.

Andy: “Hey, boy. What are you doing?”

Ferry: “Oh, Thank God. I’m very glad to see you, Andy. I’m so bored. I have no idea to fill this holiday.”

Andy: “Poor you. So, what are you doing? Filling crossword?”

Ferry: “Do you have a better idea?”

Andy: “That’s why I want to see you. I have a plan and I want you to help me.”

Ferry: “I hope that’s a good plan. What should I do?”

Andy: “My father told me that at his office warehouse, there is a laugh sound at midnight.”

Ferry: “Are you sure?”

Andy: “I want to make sure by hear it by myself.”

Ferry: “Did your father hear that sound by himself?”

Andy: “No. He heard the story from Mr. Supri, the office guard at night. I think there something wrong with that. I’d like to know that.”

Ferry: “Do you think that… that is a ghost?”

Andy: “Nonsense. There is no ghost. Perhaps, it is a thief. Or the warehouse is the place for the thieves hiding!”

Ferry: “This is could be dangerous.”

Andy: “Relax. Mr. Supri is there. We can ask his help if we are in trouble. So, what do you think?”

Ferry: “Sounds good. When we can go?”

Andy: “How about this night? Don’t forget to borrow the flashlight. I will call you later. Bye!”


Ferry and Andy arrive at Andy’s father office. They meet Mrs. Supri on the way to the warehouse.

Ferry and Andy: “Good evening Mrs. Supri!”

Mrs. Supri: “Oh, good evening boys. What are you doing?”

Andy: “We want to accompany Mr. Supri to guarding this office. Maybe we will sleep over here.”

Mrs. Supri: “Oh, you are so kind. But here is so cold at night.”

Andy: “We borrow our things to keep us warm.”

Mrs. Supri: “Ok. Be careful. I will send you all hot coffee and hot boiled banana.”

Ferry and Andy: “Thank you Mrs. Supri!”


They come in to the office. But they are not meet Mr. Supri. So, they decided to start their observation. They turn on their flashlight and go in to the warehouse. Suddenly, Ferry heard something.

Ferry: “Andy, did you hear that?”

Andy: “Yes. The sound is from there, under the table.”

Ferry: “Let us see.”

Andy: “Shh, be careful. Don’t be noisy.”


They come to the table closer and carefully. When they direct their flashlight under the table, they are very surprised.

Ferry and Andy: “Mr Supri!”

Mr. Supri: “Ouch!” (kejedug meja) “Who is there?!”

Andy: “Relax, Sir. It’s us, Andy and Ferry. I had been call you, right?”

Mr. Supri: “But what are you doing here? I think you are thieves.”

Ferry: “We also think the same about you, sir.”

Andy: “So, you are the “laugh sound”, Mr. Supri?”

Mr. Supri: “No. here is the “laugh sound”.”

Ferry and Andy: “Radio?”

Mr. Supri: “Yes. I love listening to wayang story while I work. Sometimes the wayang is laugh. It could help me to frightening the thieves’ right?”

Ferry: “It was frightening us too.” (ketawa bareng)

Mrs. Supri: (masuk) “Could you help me to bring the coffee inside, boys?”

Ferry and Andy: “Ok, Maam.”


The end.

Reference: Bobo Magazine


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