Computer Forensics: New Thing in Investigation

I just browse on the HowStuffWorks site and I found this interesting words: computer forensics. Click the links to go to the articles.

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In the century of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot this term may haven’t been considered, since computer haven’t been invented. It’s a new thing in investigation science and it’s appearance is due to the appearence of cyber crime. According to the articles I read, computer forensic is still in pro and cons about how it used in court.

Computer forensics is analyzing information on computer system to find potential evidence for trial. To be a computer forensics expert / specialist is pretty tough. Firstly, a computer sciences and / or law degree is necessary. After that, enrolling to computer forensics may be easier if the basics are known (check more in this site).

Computer files and data are easily to be changed, that’s why  some people consider that digital information is unreliable. In the industrial country where everything is controlled digitally, computer forensic may develop faster in computer science. Computer science in Indonesia is weakly developed because there are still have remote areas, and some regions are separated by sea. There may be some experts in computer science, but computer forensic is hardly known by common people.

In the news I heard in Indonesia, there are some digital evidence in investigation a case, such as phone conversation record. It may not involved with computer, but I guess it’s kind of digital evidence. I wonder if phone conversation record can be modified. If it could, then that kind of digital evidence was unreliable. From the article, it is said that cellphone is essentially a small computer. It contain important digital information. So, in investigation it could also be called computer forensics. In Indonesia it may be one of a kind of computer forensic I’ve known. There will be more, and computer science and computer forensics will developed in advance.  Well, in the industrial country itself the computer forensic is still in pro and cons, so, it suppose to be unfit to be applied in Indonesia.


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