No More Cable Tangled

Have you ever experienced this:


I know it’s very annoying when we’re in a hurry but our cellphone charger, headsets, and many more cables aren’t cooperating with getting tangled to each other. The super hero which could make those up is matches box. Check this out:

neat cable

Who would ever imagine that the empty matches boxes could save the tangled cables? They could also save our day! Small things like empty matches box may be just become rubbish. But in this era when wood and paper are getting rare, we have to make anything more beneficial by do 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Replace). In this case, we do ‘Reuse’ action that is making the matches box more beneficial by using it to tied the cable so that the cable aren’t getting tangled. While ‘Reuse’ essential is reuse secondhand things until it lost it’s durability, it could reduce the cutting of forest by doing this small thing. This thing isn’t considered small if we do it in large scale. Everything big is started with small thing, right? Moreover, getting the cables neatly can increase it’s durability.


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