Japanese: Pronouns

This time I’ll post about learning pronouns in Japanese.

I = Watashi ; We = Watashi-tachi (plural)

You = Anata ; You all (kalian [Indonesia]) = Anata-gata (plural)

He = Kare / Ano-kata (that person) ; They = Karera (plural)

She = Kanojo / Ano-kata (that person) ; They = Karera (plural)

It = Sore ; Those = Sorera (plural)


Titles of Address

~san : used to address man or woman in polite, example: Mr. Tanaka = Tanaka-san

~sama : title for honored man or woman, example: Mr. Yoshida = Yoshida-sama

~chan : used to address special people, usually kids and girl, example: Shizuka-chan

~kun : used to address boy or young man, example: Nobita-kun


That was my notes about Japanese pronouns. There are actually more pronouns, but I just post the most used pronouns. Hope it may be useful. Enjoy!


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