Japanese: Month

Months in Japanese are just numbers added by the word ‘gatsu’. Here are they:

January (1st month) = Ichi-gatsu

February (2nd month) = Ni-gatsu

March (3rd month) = San-gatsu

April (4th month) = Shi-gatsu / Yon-gatsu

May (5th month) = Go-gatsu

June (6th month) = Roku-gatsu

July (7th month) = Shichi-gatsu

August (8th month) = Hachi-gatsu

September (9th month) = Ku-gatsu

October (10th month) = Jyu-gatsu

November (11th month) = Jyu-ichi-gatsu

December (12th month) = Jyu-ni-gatsu

Japanese is interesting, right? Okay, that’s for now. I will post again about Japanese later.


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