REC: Teary Story

Manga Title: REC – Kimi ga Naita Hi

Released: 2010

Artist/Author: Makino Aoi

Genre: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy

I just read this manga and I cried in the end. Just like the genre, tragedy, the story start in sad ways and end in sad ways too.

This story is about Aizawa Minami, a high school girl that is never shed a tear and an ex-actor, Satoru Wakabayashi who is also going to the same school as her. The story started with the rumor going around the school that Aizawa likes to film things and always carry camcorder anywhere. Because she is known as a cold girl in school, a junk mail about a dead cat film was rumored to be filmed by her. Satoru Wakabayashi saved her when boys are trying to pick a fight with her just because she cut the computer lines at school. Aizawa felt anxoius about him, yet she never show any expression. From that on, they become friends.

Aizawa said that she never filmed human, because she hate them. But, she started to film Satoru and said that she would not film things that she don’t like. One day, she discovered that Satoru never smile like he meant it. She was getting mad at him, and asked him to show her the real smile to film it. Satoru said that he was smiling all the time. Because she got really mad, she left him and the camcorder. Satoru took the camcorder and saw the content. They were all film about him smiling. But when he saw it, his expression getting really sad.

The day after, Satoru didn’t go to school for about a week. Aizawa thought that it may be her fault. But suddenly, she got a phone call from him at school. Satoru said he wants to see her. She dashed at the place where Satoru firstly approached her. Satoru had waited for her there. He gave her the camcorder she left the past days. That way, she discovered the real reason why he absent, why he always give fake smiles, and why he quit acting. But the facts that make her cried a lot in the end was about what he feels. And, that’s ‘REC’ about: ‘the day you cried’.

I really cried in the climax and the of the story. The advice I could give you is: prepare some tissues..


Link on the picture:


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