Save Electricity Energy!

You know, March 20 is Forest and Forestry Day. March 22 is Water Day. March 26 is Saving Electricity Day. There are a lot of days made to save our Earth. What have we done to save the Earth? Those days aren’t made just to have fun, but those are made to get our concern and contribute in saving Earth.

So, on March 26th, 2012 in my campus, there is an action to cut our electricity consumption by not using the elevator in a whole day! Why don’t you do the same? This action won’t make any change if it was only done by several people. If the entire people of the world did the same, imagine how many electricity bill we’ve save! Let’s do our action now to make a better life in Earth!


2 thoughts on “Save Electricity Energy!

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  1. wah setuju nih .
    kalau bisa, seminggu sekali kita tidak boleh menggunakan lift.
    himbau dan jak juga teman2 yang lain,
    kalau bisa ciptakan program dan usulkan kpada ketua kepala

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