The Greener Earth, The Lower Cost to Pay on Its Behalf

[This post is made from an article discussed in Geography International Symposium, Yogyakarta 4-7 May 2012]
[More information about GIS event:

Climate change gives impact on many sectors. It impacts nature and people. It will cause disaster, pest, disease, and many more. But forestry has the solution to overcome it.

What causes climate to change? Climate is dynamic and always changes in a natural cycle. But what gives us so much trouble with the changing is because the climate nowadays changing in a very rapid state. Climate change caused by natural causes and human causes. The normal climate change is caused by natural causes. It cannot be provoked or stopped by human. There are numbers of natural causes responsible of climate change, but the substantial causes are continental drift, volcano eruption, ocean currents, earth’s tilt, and extra-terrestrial cause like comets and meteorites. Those factors make the climate change in a dynamic but still in a stable condition. What makes the changing speeded up is human activity. The biggest human contribution in speeding up the climate change is the invention of fossil fuel and wood burning machine which will release the carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere. Our ancestor cut down the wood excessively and cleared up vegetation cover to build a concrete jungle. This trends increase consumerism and leave us with a mountain of waste.

In this era, people start to realize and try to repair their mistakes because the impacts have reached them. The impacts which occur cost a lot in order to save lives. The cash spend to rescue people will flow year by year if the main root problem haven’t been fixed. We have to prevent the impacts from happening, so that we can save more lives, repair our mistakes, and save more cash for another environment needed in the future.

The important thing we have to do is changing our consumerism lifestyle. People these days are only oriented in practical things, and usually ignore the process. If we want to try a little bit harder such as buy organic shopping bag or bring it ourselves whenever we’re going to the market, it will reduce the cost to clean the environment from plastics and reduce the plastics producing from the factory. The strong green lifestyle trends will provoke the factory to produce organic and biodegradable material instead of plastics in order to catch up the demand. The disaster risk of a certain area will get lower year by year if this action is done collectively. The cash saved from the disaster risk management can be used to build saver infrastructure and growing forest. Forest is necessary to reduce carbon dioxide which can accelerate the climate change and produce oxygen which can make the air cooler.

Those actions will not reduce the cost if we aren’t doing it together. We have to tell the other people to concern because we pay the cost whenever the earth got sick. It’s our only earth, and the doctor to seek whenever it got sick is none other than us!


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