Study in Japan #2: Departure

Keberangkatan ke luar negeri kali ini berbeda, karena tidak hanya sebentar dan bukan untuk jalan-jalan sebagai tujuan utama. Sepertinya kalau diingat-ingat saya pergi ke luar negeri murni untuk jalan-jalan hanya sekali. Lainnya adalah karena ada conference, seminar, dan pameran. Tapi tentu saja, pergi ke luar negeri tanpa jalan-jalan pastinya kurang afdol. Namun itu bahasan lain... Continue Reading →


I want to be happier in 2018

Postingan ini pernah dipublikasikan di oleh penulis yang sama. Halo! Ada yang sering baca Line-Webtoon? Saya cukup sering membacanya. Banyak sekali webtoon favorit saya. Salah satunya We Are Pharmacist. Dalam salah satu episode khusus untuk menyambut tahun baru, pengarang We Are Pharmacist membagikan kebiasaannya. Berikut gambar dari inspirasi kebiasaan sang pengarang yang saya ambil... Continue Reading →

Ocean Acidification? Never heard of it before.

Ocean acidification is also a new thing for me. It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. I think it is a serious problem, considering that I live in Indonesia, where has the longest coastline in the world.

We also live from oceans, foods, especially, some come from ocean. There also beach tourism and underwater sights tourism which become one of Indonesia economic commodities. What will happen if the ocean is contaminated or becoming acid? Many ocean living creatures would die. Economic is threatened, and the most dangerous level is, we’ll die. Water conservation become the biggest concern. We not only have to save clean water. We also have to be wise in using washing detergent in everyday life because all water comes to the ocean. That’s the simplest thing we can contribute in water conservation.


Oceans are turning acidic as a result of increased Carbon dioxide emission. As they act as sponge for these emissions so the level of carbon dioxide is found to be increasing in them. What actually happens? Due to absorption of carbon dioxide pH is lowered, hence acidic, and you know what is the major issue? The pH scale is logarithmic, this means that impact of minor drop in pH can have profound impacts.

Thus oceanic ecosystem as a whole is being disturbed as a result of ocean acidification. Calcifers (oysters, shell-fish etc) suffer most, because carbonate and acidity are inversely related, and these animals require carbonate for building and strengthening their shells. cartoon-coralsCorals have been reported to show decline in growth in presence of acidic media.

Similarly lowering of pH effects health of several fishes, as they are incapable of breathing. However, some plants and predators are positively effected. Loss of habitat…

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