Japanese: Pronouns

This time I'll post about learning pronouns in Japanese. I = Watashi ; We = Watashi-tachi (plural) You = Anata ; You all (kalian [Indonesia]) = Anata-gata (plural) He = Kare / Ano-kata (that person) ; They = Karera (plural) She = Kanojo / Ano-kata (that person) ; They = Karera (plural) It = Sore... Continue Reading →


Japanese: Aisatsu

Aisatsu means greetings. In Japan, there are many kinds of greetings. Here are some of the common greetings: Ohayou gozaimasu (polite) / Ohayou =  good morning O genki desu ka? = how are you? O genki desu ne = I'm fine, thank you Konnichi wa = good / good afternoon Konban wa = good evening... Continue Reading →

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